How to Travel as a College Student on a Small Budget

Traveling is the best way to explore other cultures, meet new people, discover yourself, and get a life experience. It’s impossible to be an open-minded person if you don’t visit places you haven’t seen before. This big world is waiting for you – it’s preparing new adventures, possibilities, incredible sights, and exciting activities. You should go and grab this chance to understand how everything works outside your comfort zone. Otherwise, unlikely you’ll be able to develop your individuality, human qualities, and see the difference between black and white.

As a young person experiencing everyday academic expenses, you may be curious about where to take money on trips? We prepared helpful tips on how to travel as a college student and save your budget. Keep on reading and explore the world!

The Best Travel Opportunities for College Students

Studying is good, but you can’t get all the valuable experiences from books. It’s time to see how huge our world is, discover it, and make another step to a person you want to become. With the following tips, you’ll find out how to travel while in college and benefit from it.

1. Look for travel discounts for students

Many online services are offering special offers and discounts to students. It’s easy to find cheap tickets, accommodation, cruises, car rentals, and many more. Consider these platforms when looking for the best tourism opportunities:

  • CheapOair;
  • STA Travel;
  • Travelation;
  • Lokupfare;
  • Greyhound;
  • GenerationFly;
  • UNiDAYS.

2. Benefit from cheap accommodation

If you want to know how to travel and spend less money, consider choosing cheap apartments or even a hostel. Of course, you may think that this accommodation can’t be comfortable, but it’s possible to pay a small sum and enjoy high-quality conditions. Take into  account these services when looking for affordable prices:

  • Airbnb;
  • HostelWorld;

3. Join the volunteer project or find a summer job abroad

If you want to see the world, but tied to a place where you’re studying, we recommend looking for a volunteer project or internship. There are many offers for young people, and you can choose any activities from teaching to environment protection. In case you don’t want to cut the academic year, traveling summer jobs for college students are the best chance to explore another country and explore the traditions of other people.

4. Choose a low season

Another secret on how to save money during a vacation is the low season. The truth is, tickets, flights, accommodation, and even food can be cheaper in Autumn, Winter, or Spring. Obviously, Europe is one of the most popular travel destinations for college students, and you want to visit its beautiful places in Summer, but prepare yourself for sky-high seasonal prices.

Secrets of Traveling on a College Budget

Now, you know how to travel and spend less money while having an academic year. We have a few recommendations that will help you save cash during a trip. Follow travel trips for college students, and you won’t waste a penny:

  • Go with a friend. There are so many things you can pay for together: food, drinks, accommodation, and so on. Besides, it’s funnier to have a vacation with your friend rather than spending time alone;
  • Explore the metro system. It may be expensive to take a taxi, so it’s better to use public transport;
  • Visit the best places for college students to travel and join free city excursions. In European cities, many local enthusiasts organize such trips for tourists. It’s a nice chance to explore the city and save money;
  • Buy food at a supermarket. Of course, you may visit restaurants and try local cuisine, but it may end up in an empty wallet if you do it all the time. Go to a cheap supermarket where you can find discounts and buy food there – at least for breakfast.

Don’t wait for better times to come. Of course, you’ll be more financially stable in the future, but there’s no guarantee you’ll have more free days to see other countries. You will never have the experience that you may have during summer college trips – exciting, funny, and so much new.

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